Bauer Vapor HYPERLITE2 Senior Goal Chest Protector


Introducing our lightest chest protector ever. The HYPERLITE 2 Chest Proctector features an all-new external sternum piece with expanding floaters designed to better absorb impacts and make you look as big as possible in net, without sacrificing any of your mobility.

Mobility Control Sternum and Floaters – New lacrosse-inspired external sternum is designed to better absorb puck impacts while mobile floaters expand and retract with a goalie’s movement to maximize size without sacrificing mobility.

Fused Comp Arm Protection – Bauer's Fused Comp material offers the highest level of protection at the retail level.

Fully Removable Arms – Fully removable arms offer total adjustability and interchangeability.

Brand Bauer
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior