CCM EFLEX E5.9 Senior Goal Chest Protector

$359.99 $251.99

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Chest & Arm Protector features a max flex fit, built for ultimate mobility. With a molded HD foam sternum and quick release velcro adjustment with flex motion design shoulder wings for an easy customized fit that moves with you.

  • SHOULDER FLOATERS - Shoulder wings with quick-release velcro adjustment and flex motion design
  • SHOULDER CAP - Compression-molded PE foam shoulder cap
  • STERNUM PROTECTION - PE foam at sternum level
  • CHEST & BODY PROTECTION - Multi-segmented PE foam on chest
  • RIB PROTECTION - Extended rib protection
  • BICEP/FOREARM PROTECTION - PE foam on biceps / forearms
  • ELBOW CONSTRUCTION - Independently adjustable elbow with comfort fit cap
  • BACK & SPINE - Segmented coverage of back and spine
Brand CCM
Quality Performance
Sizing Senior