Warrior Ritual X2 Pro Senior Goal Pants


The Warrior Ritual X2 pro goal pants touch on areas that needed improvement without changing the pants too much from the predecessor. The X2 pants feature new Hypercomp in the FlexPlates to improve the durability and protection in those areas. The Ritual X2 goal pants have also maximized the thigh protection as well as reinforced any high wear areas on the pants.

External Material
The Ritual X2 goalie pants have nylon on the exterior to enhance durability while remaining light and mobile.

The pants feel loose when wearing them because of how wide and roomy the thigh/leg barrels are.

Waist Closure & Internal Belt
The pants have a few fits because of the internal belt. The pants taper in around the waist when done up completely, leaving a lot of room in the thigh area for unrestricted motion even with the bulkiest of knee pads. The inner belt also allows you to keep the pants loose around the waist, enabling you to tuck your chest if that’s more your style.

Hip Protection
The Warrior X2 goal pants offer great protection all over, with the hips having overlapping Flex Plates to ensure no matter what position you’re in, you’ll be protected.

Groin Protection
The large barrel leg channels in the pant offer good groin protection because they tend to sit off your groin and the plates in the front of the thigh form a shield in front of your groin.

Thigh Protection
Warrior has maximized their thigh protection on these pants, making them appear even larger than the previous Ritual X series. This along with reinforced padding provides top notch thigh protection without causing any interference.

Knee Pad Attachment
The Warrior Ritual X2 pants have a spot to attach your knee pad by lace. Designed for Warrior knee pads, this feature can work with other knee pads that have the option to be laced in too.

Brand Warrior
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior