CCM EFlex II Shield Senior Goal Chest Protector


Emphasizing mobility and protection, the CCM Extreme Flex Shield II chest/arm protector is designed to perform at high-levels. CCM improves the E-Flex Shield with a new dual-segmented design, highlighting tactical protection in the rib area for the reverse-VH.

While flexible and very comfortable, the sternum protection is very stiff, thanks to the use of 3D molded D3O Smart Material. D3O absorbs the impact of the puck, so it will drop right into the goalie's bread basket.

Depending on the goalie's preference, there is extra rib protection velcro'd to inside of the torso; this padding is great for better wrap protection for when a goalie isn't completely square to the puck.

Fit is one of the most important things that a goalie needs to worry about when looking for a chest protector. The CCM E-Flex Shield II provides an adjustable elbow protector so that it can be customized to fit a wide range of goalies for the size.