CCM Tacks VECTOR PREMIER Senior Hockey Skates '22

  Step Steel /each (one per item)
  Step V-Steel $29.99/each (one per item)
  Step BlackSteel $59.99/each (one per item)

Note: Runners/steel arrive in separate packaging and require installation

The CCM Vector Premier hockey skates deliver the comfortability of the Super Tacks AS-590 at a reliable price point. With features such as the D30 insert on the tongue, upgraded liner, and insole upgrade with heel grip, the CCM Vector Premier hockey skates will be sure to elevate the rep player to the next level. For added appeal, CCM designed this line-up of skates specifically in the Midnight colourway so that your skates become the focal point.

  • Tongue upgrade with D30 
  • Insole upgrade with heel grip
  • Liner upgrade with Polygiene
  • Black felt tongue

STEP Blacksteel Runners- $59.99 added pricing

STEP Blacksteel is coated with a layer of carbon nanoparticles to create an incredibly fine hard edge. Maximize your skating speed by requiring less energy to move on the ice.

STEP Blacksteel Runners

STEP V-Steel Runners - $29.99 added pricing

The Stainless Steel surface is carefully polished to obtain a mirror image for a sharper edge after every sharpening and reduced resistance on the ice. With optimal glide, you use less energy during games and get more precise turns.

STEP V-Steel Runners

STEP Steel Runners - stock option

The Step Steel Runners are made with high grade steel and have a high polish finish. They have a high-precision raised profile to give hockey players a better turning radius, a superior glide, and a longer-lasting sharpening life.

STEP Steel Runners

Brand CCM
Sizing Senior