CCM Tacks VECTOR PLUS Hockey Shoulder Pads '22 - Junior


The CCM Vector Plus shoulder pads deliver the comfortability and protection of the Super Tacks AS-V at a cost-effective price point. With protective upgrades such as the extra rib and clavicle protection with PE foam, you will reduce impact to the key areas of your upper body.

  •  Construction: Max coverage ASD (Anatomical Shield Design) with front flex motion construction.
  • Caps: JDP injected caps, redesigned like the AS 580.
  • Torso: Molded mid density EVA foam front panel. PE foam back panel. Branded chest straps. Extra rib protection with PE foam inserts.
  • Biceps: Floating height adjustable bicep.
  • Sternum & Spine: Vent tech floating sternum hybrid shield in metallic silver like the AS-V and compression molded spine cap.
  • Liner: Comfort Liner.
  • Clavicle: Reinforced clavicle protection with PE insert plus built-in PE foam shoulder blade protection.
  • ADPTFIT height adjustable and removable belly pad like the AS 580.
Brand CCM
Quality Performance
Size Junior