CCM Ribcor PLATINUM Senior Hockey Stick '22


The Ribcor Platinum hockey stick offers many of CCM’s most elite technologies at a more affordable price point. This stick uses the Ribcor Team base model and includes an Ergonomic “E” shaft geometry, a Trigger Microfeel 2 grip, and C6 and Peel-Ply in the blade.

Stick Flex Profile
The Ribcor Platinum is part of the Ribcor family, which is CCM’s low kick point stick family. These sticks gradually get softer toward the blade and bend closer to the hosel, a design that helps them load shots as quickly and easily as possible. This style specializes in quick-release shots and is equipped with various features to support this specific kick point.

Shaft Construction & Stiffness
The Ergonomic “E” geometry in the shaft means that the shaft changes shape across the length of the stick, starting out more traditional at the top and becoming more asymmetrical near the bottom. This approach helps increase your control over the stick while also helping the stick load better.

Blade Construction
To allow low kick point sticks to be a bit whippier near the bottom without losing control, the blade requires a bit more stiffness than other sticks. The 84K uses a C6 weave with Peel-Ply in the blade to achieve this effect, with a combination of carbon and fibreglass to further enhance durability as well. The Peel-Ply wraps protectively around the blade for even more increased durability.

CCM has been adjusting their designs for all their equipment lines this 2022 season, and Ribcor is no different. With one of the more drastic changes this year, CCM has scrapped the classic green for a black and purple colour scheme. The Ribcor text logo has also gone through some more modernized changes.

The Ribcor Platinum Senior hockey stick is available in the following blade patterns: P28, P29, and P90TM.

P28 - more aggressive stick pattern, used often by elite players. This blade curve specializes in quick and accurate shots, but it can be a bit difficult to get used to since it is also very good at raising the puck.

P29 - best blade pattern for all-around play, with a mid-curve style. It is great at handling the puck in small spaces, including face-offs. This curve may suffer a little bit on the backhand. Due to its balanced design, this pattern can be described as the perfect beginner blade.

P90TM - hybrid of CCM’s P29 and P28 stick curves, with the lie of the P29 and the toe of the P28. Additionally, the curve is a bit taller for more control and power on faceoffs and board battles.


Senior sticks measure to 62" height

Brand CCM
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Senior