CCM Jetspeed Team 4 Senior Hockey Stick


CCM Jetspeed Team hockey stick is designed to be a high performing mid-price point stick that still carries some of the high-end technologies offered at a value friendly price.


Jetspeed Team stick is engineered as a Hybrid flex profile. By blending the technologies associated with mid and low kick sticks, Jetspeed Team creates a hinge effect so you can load the stick using both speed and power.  

R-geometry shaft provides rounded corners and concave sides. This design creates a streamlined stick that delivers high performance and ultra-comfort. 

  • Hybrid Kick point for speed and response in the release
  • JS3 Blade with a dampened core designed to provide heightened feel for the puck
  • R-Geometry shaft dimensions with rounded corners and concave sides
  • A Carbon Matrix Technology, a carbon fiber weave for great performance and strength
Brand CCM
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Senior