Bauer Vapor HYPERLITE Senior Hockey Stick

$339.99 $254.99

Best Vapor feel ever,weight has been reduced with a focus on improving the balance point of the stick.

We’ve optimized the carbon fiber layup to have a 20% tougher blade and 5% tougher shaft while decreasing weight. The optimized carbon fiber layup focuses on key stress zones while loading your quick release shot, which creates a more durable construction. You’ll be able to lean into your shot easier versus Vapor FlyLite. Designed to have the quickest energy load and return to the puck, HyperLite offers a 10% improvement in getting your shot off.

Designed to be the quickest Vapor ever, HyperLite offers a 10% faster recoil to get your shot off quicker. Our new HyperCore blade features two carbon bridges fused into a stiff foam, improving overall toughness by 20%, increasing stability and control.

  • Elite Level Play
  • XE Taper Technology
  • Lightweight Asymmetrical TeXtreme® construction; ACL Technology ; DuraFlex Resin System, Optimized Carbon Fiber Lay Up
  • ACL technology; HYPERCORE Blade Core
  • Monocomp technology
  • Senior Stick Weight = 385g
Brand Bauer
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Senior