Bauer PRO CERTIFIED Senior Neck Guard


Bauer Pro SR Goalie Neck Guard combines comfortable skate cut coverage and pro-level shot protection. Bauer achieves this through strategic uses of comfortable BNQ-certified material and high density foams.

External Material
Bauer uses a soft, comfortable Dupont Kevlar collar that wraps around the neck. The exterior of the neck guard is made of nylon on the top to prevent abrasion and ThermoCore underneath to control temperature. One thing worth noting is the use of a new, much more durable velcro than previously seen on Bauer neck guards.

Collar & Clavicle
The collarbone area of the Pro neck guard uses a combination of Bauer’s new rebound control foam and other HD foams to resist and protect against impacts. The kevlar collar is skate cut resistant while offering a less bulky feel than the Supreme neck guard it replaces.

  • New Comfort Edge neck
  • Segmented collarbone protection
  • Velcro Closure around back of the neck
  • BNQ certified
Brand Bauer
Sizing Senior